Areas of Activities

Onboard 10+ local innovators in Living Labs

Co-create prototypes with 10+ piloting stakeholders

80-100 demonstrators of circular agri-food innovations

AGLOBE Development Center has a small station as well as a partial greenhouse for initial testing and experimentation with a total area of approximately 9m². A larger Living Lab (LL) houses a greenhouse, approximately 60m², as well as an office space. The facilities are located in Alimosho Local Government Area of Lagos State, Nigeria.
In Nigeria, AGLOBE Development Center’s LL is currently making significant strides towards innovative and sustainable urban farming practices with the fabrication of aquaponics and re-circulating aquaculture systems (RAS) . This dynamic food production system ensures that fish wastewater is recycled through filteration, and nitrification for plant uptake. AGLOBE Development Center also envisages black soldier fly, rabbit and snail farming for food security and upcycling of waste.

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Preparation of lease land for Greenhouse

Preparation of lease land for Greenhouse

Construction of large Greenhouse

IBC tanks for fabrication of aquaponics and RAS.

RAS set-up Front view

RAS set-up Rear view

Focus Group Discussion at Alimosho Local Government, Lagos, Nigeria by AGLOBE Development Center

AGLOBE staff and on-boarded participants co-creating Aquaponics and RAS system in the LL in Lagos Nigeria.

Newly Constructed RAS in the Living Lab

Aeration System in the Living Lab

Because proper aeration systems plays a crucial role in maintaining water quality and ensuring the well-being of fish, AGLOBE Development Center introduced the aeration system into all her systems.